*new color* AVA top cloud ver. - bark

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extremely soft, there's a reason this is called AVA top cloud version.

think of your favorite lululemon align leggings as a top.

securely hugs the chest and gathers all, snatches the waist - what's more to ask? 

double layered all over.

- fold over part is also double layered so it's quadruple layered around the chest! 

clean finished bottom opening.

no need to wear a bra to cover your nipples (free the nipples tho)

perfect for the most clean & chic look to either dress up or down.

adjustable shoulder straps.

76% nylon 24% spandex

*if you're unsure what size to choose : when your biggest part of your chest measurement is smaller than 33", go for small size. when your biggest part of chest measurement is bigger than 33" and smaller than than 35", go for medium size. 


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